Three days of Strong Interactions & Astrophysics
Joint Meeting Heidelberg-Liege-Paris-Wroclaw
6/3/2008-8/3/2008,  Spa, Belgium


Dear contributors to the "triangular" meeting at Spa,

We are happy to announce that we will publish the proceedings of our meeting in the "AIP conference proceedings series".

You may have a look at the previous  edition here

  Below you will find the necessary material for preparing your manuscript. It is NOT useful to search for the instructions on the AIP proceedings webpage. They are far too general. We have selected for you the most adequate files for our case. In order to guarantee a uniform presentation (and to ease our editing work), please stick to this material and to the recommendations below.

1. DEADLINE: 15th of MAY 2008.

You are asked to send by email to and cc to and your tex file with the  figures as separated files and your whole contribution compiled in POSTSCRIPT or PDF. Do not send us back the format files.

We have taken strong commitment concerning the deadline for sending
everything to AIP. PLEASE, send us your contribution ON TIME.

2. Length.

The number of pages required for each contribution is from 6 to
10 pages.

3. Transfer of copyright.

Each paper must be accompanied by a signed
Transfer of Copyright form (tca_blank.pdf).  We suggest FAXing us (+32 4 366 36 72) the form as soon as possible or scan it and send it us by e-mail ( ). This would delay the entire publishing process if one was missing. When you send the fax, please send us a short e-mail tell us.

4. Permission for reprint already published material.

If you include some material (typically a figure) already published in a regular journal, you need to have the permission of the Editor of this journal. AIP is rather strict with this rule. However, if the figure is not strictly the same (e.g. if one curve is missing or has been added, or if labels have been changed), it may be considered as a redrawing and you may not need a permission. If you need permission, do not wait too long before asking the Editor, who may not respond rapidly. Use the attached file "permission.pdf". 

5. Material for preparing the manuscript.

This material is made of the following attached files:
-HLPW2008_sample.tex: sample from which to start creating your tex file; it contains guidelines for title, address, figures, tables, bibliography, etc
-aipproc.cls, aip-6s.clo, aipxfm.sty : formatting files provided by AIP. DO NOT MODIFY them. Place them on the directory in which you generate your tex file. sample for figure


a. Keep strictly the same preamble as the one of HLPW2008_sample.tex
except for some "harmless" definitions like: \newcommand{\lvec}{\vec{\ell}}, or the use of the package sort&compress

b. To display e-mails of the author(s), you may find useful to use the same trick as in the sample.

c. Please do not remove the PACS and the Keyword commands. You have at least to provide with one (valid) entry for each command.

d. All the pictures have to be glued in the text and not at the end of the tex file.

e. Be aware that your manuscript will be REDUCED by 15% (horizontally and vertically).  Please be sure that your pictures will still be readable after this reduction. A minimum of 600 dpi is required for pictures.

f. The proceedings will be published in black and white. Avoid any reference to colour in the figures

g. Please have a tex file that compiles without errors and do not use \scrollmode. It might be working fine on your installation but not on ours.

h. For inspiration, you can have a look at arXiv: 0804.2180. Please remove any footnote like the one on its first page in the version you send us.


If you have taken pictures during the meeting, it might be possible to include some of them in the proceedings. Please send them to us; we will see which ones can be included depending on the place and the time left.