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From Liège Guillemins

By Bus

  • Walk to stop Gare des Guillemins (1-4-25-27-48)
  • Take Bus 48 toward CHU Sart Tilman (See timetable) It is the first stop straight ahead and on the right side of the road, after you get out of the station. You pay €2.40 to the driver.
  • Ride 18 mins (16 stops) to stop Sart Tilman Physique.
    For orientation: from the station to the University bus takes 15-20 min. After the bus crosses the river (Meuse), it climbs for some time uphills. On the top of the hill it goes through the Sart Tilman village.
    You should watch for the big bus stop "Amphitheatre" (at this stop a lot of students get out). Near this stop you can recognize to the right a two-level concrete parking.
    After this stop the bus makes a left turn on a roundabout. Then bus passes "Chimie". The next stop is "Physique". On the other side of the road you will see building B5a, it is ours.
  • Walk 2 minutes to building B5a. After entering the building, turn left and near the coffee machine you enter the elevator. Our level is 4.



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