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Research activity :

Three packages have been developed either alone or in collaborations. Their are :

These packages are compatible. DUMMY needs ASSIST to work properly and CANTENS needs both ASSIST and DUMMY.



                                                                        H. Caprasse.

General Informations on Computer Algebra Systems and Activities:

The SAC Newsletter gives many and various informations on the pedagogical , scientific and applied aspects of computer algebra.

OPENMATH is a standard to communicate mathematical objects between various programming environmenents and applications. The site contain a list of workgroups interested in the manipulation of mathematical objects .

For general informations on the system REDUCE and see how to obtain it :


General informations on MATHEMATICA: MATHEMATICA

General informations on MAPLE: MAPLE

General informations on MuPAD: MuPAD

Do you want to make a calculation with REDUCE ?

SITE1          SITE2

Do you want to test REDUCE ?



IMACS-ACA conferences of 1998 and 1999 

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