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AIP postdocs

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The IFPA group from Universite de Liège expects to have a 2-years post-doctoral position starting fall of 2012. Our group consists of 3 permanent members (J.R. Cudell, D. Hutsemékers and Y. de Rop), 5 postdocs, and 5 graduate students.We study many aspects of particle physics, from low-energy nuclear physics to the LHC, as well as problems related to astrophysics (dark matter, ALPs, cosmological consequences of extensions of the standard model...). The group keeps close ties with some of the staff at Ecole polytechnique, Saclay, Paris 7, Grenoble, Cambridge, Graz, Dubna, Kiev and Warsaw.

We are at present looking for researchers specialising in:

  • models of mass matrices for quarks and leptons ;
  • models of composite dark matter ;
  • the effects of an anisotropic expansion of the universe ;
  • high-energy cosmic rays showers.

Interested researchers should send a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, a 2-page research project and two letters of reference, to J.R. Cudell.

Rules concernng the fellowship:

  • Deadline: March 31st
  • The candidates must have a doctoral degree before the start of the appointment.
  • He or she must not have held an appointment in Belgium for more than 24 months in the last 3 years.
  • The duration of the post is 24 months, renewable one year in exceptional case



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