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useful shell scripts

useful commands

LateX letterhead

lists of software

Planned CPU Use

LaTeX tools

Retrieve references from inspirehep


Convert inline latex maths to <math></math> for wiki

sed -E "s/[$]([^$]+)[$]?/<math>\1<\/math>/g" inline-eqn.tex

TarTeX Automagically build a tar.gz file from all your tex sources

A python script to process an input .tex or .fls file, parse all local input files (e.g., style files, .bbl, figures, etc.) used to generate the resulting (PDF only!) output, and package all of them in a neat tarball ready to upload to a repository, e.g. at arXiv.

usage: tartex.py [-h] [-b] [-f FILES] [-o OUTPUT] [-v] [-x EXCL] fname

Build a tarball including all source files needed to compile your TeX file.

positional arguments:
  fname                 Input file name (.tex or .fls) (mandatory)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -b, --bib             find and add bib file to tarball
  -f FILES, --files FILES
                        Comma separated list of additional files to tar
                        (locations relative to main TeX source)
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        Name of output tar.gz file (w/o the .tar.gz part)
  -v, --verbose         Display file names added to tarball
  -x EXCL, --excl EXCL  Comma separated list of files to exclude from tarball
                        (locations relative to main TeX source)


Sigmastat Quickly lookup the χ² corresponding to a σ for any degrees of freedom

Python, Octave and Scilab scripts and functions to quickly lookup the value of χ² corresponding to a specified σ and degrees of freedom: See here



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