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IFPA Journal Club

The aim of the Journal Club is to encourage learning what is going on in general physics right now via (preferably) short and informal presentations on recent papers of your own choice. The only restriction is that the topic should not be too close to your own research.



During the autumn trimester we meet every other week on Thursdays at 11:00.

  • October 29: Igor, "Recent discovery of magnetic monopoles in spin ice"
  • November 12: Alice, "Electron entanglement"
  • November 26: Sophie, "Experimental realization of directed percolation criticality in turbulent liquid crystals"
  • December 10: Igor, "Application of the two-photon microscope for studying dynamics of dendrite spines"


  • January 14: Audrey, "Realization of the plasmonic lasers"
  • January 28: Jean-René, "Horava gravity"
  • March 1: Subhayan, "Quantum states of motion of a micromechanical resonator coupled to a SQUID"
  • March 15: Davide, "Symmetry group of the Rubik's cube"
  • March 29: Venus, "DNA computing"
  • April 19: Igor, "Introduction into the physics of ultrafast phenomena"
  • November 9: Igor, "Phonon tunneling through vacuum"
  • November 23: Alice, "New Horizons for Hawking Radiation"
  • December 7: Subhayan, "Giant Faraday rotation spotted in graphene"
  • December 22: Sophie, "Bose–Einstein condensation of photons in an optical microcavity"


  • February 1: Alex, "The Origins of Hot Plasma in the Solar Corona"
  • February 15: Jean-Rene, "Feynman's proof of the Maxwell equations"


Every Tuesday (starting from September 20)


You can also check the old webpage of the Journal Club.



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