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Bhattacharya Atri

From IFPA wiki
Position FNRS Research Fellow
Research Interests Ultrahigh energy neutrinos, Atmospheric neutrinos, Dark Matter
Bât B5a 4/46
A.Bhattacharya (at) uliege.be
+32 4 366 36 38

Present status

I have been a Postdoctoral researcher at IFPA, University of Liège since December 2015, and have been working with Jean-Rene Cudell on high-energy [math]\displaystyle{ D }[/math]-meson production in the atmosphere, and its subsequent decay leading to the production of high energy neutrinos. The corresponding neutrino flux is expected to be one of the backgrounds to IceCube's search for ultrahigh energy neutrinos from astrophysical sources.

Prior to this, I was a Postdoctoral researcher from 2013–2015 at the University of Arizona.

Research Interests

  • Ultra-high energy neutrinos
  • QCD at high energies, typically related to interactions of very high energy cosmic rays with atmospheric nuclei
  • Dark matter: Indirect searches, and boosted dark matter


Recent publications from inspirehep

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Other tidbits

I am a long-time voluntary contributor for openSUSE, involved mainly in packaging, maintaining and fixing applications related to mathematics, science, and (less frequently) the GNOME desktop stack.

I am also the maintainer of this IFPA wiki.



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