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Cudell Jean-Rene

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tel: 32-4-366 3654

fax: 32-4-366 3672

email: JR.Cudell@uliege.be

Address: Institut de Physique, B5a Université de Liège Sart Tilman B4000 Liège BELGIUM


  • Non perturbative QCD: lattice, Dyson-Schwinger, Gribov confinement
  • Deep-inelastic scattering, Regge theory, diffractive states in hadronic collisions
  • Astroparticles: axion-like particles, neutrinos, dark matter
  • Gravitational waves



Summer school courses, Master classes

International Collaborations

Data files

  • for hep-ph/9601336l, Bounds on the Soft Pomeron Intercept, with K. Kang and S.K. Kim
  • for hep-ph/0511073, The Soft and the hard pomerons in hadron elastic scattering at small t, with A. Lengyel and E. Martynov

Unpublished talks


Talk on the LHC, 22 April 2010, "Les particules de l'univers" in the cycle of conferences "La terre", Espace universitaire, pdf: Media:LHC2010.pdf

Talk on the discovery of the Brout-Englert-Higgs boson, Sept. 2012, "L'émergence de la masse", CSL, pdf: Media:LHC2012.pdf

High-school level talk on particle physics and the Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism, 2012 Media:Particules2016s.pdf.

Talk on Dark Matter (SAL & CAAPC), 2017 and 2018 Le point sur la matière noire

Course-related material (in French), see also the "courses" section



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