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IFPA staff

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Administrative Staff

Prégaldien Cécile

tel: +32-4-366 3669 / 3676
email: c.pregaldien(at)uliege.be

Academic Staff

Permanent Staff

Cudell Jean-Rene (Professor])

interests: particle physics, QCD, standard model phenomenology, dark atoms, axions, gravitational waves
tel: +32-4-366 3654
email: JR.Cudell(at)uliege.be

Fays Maxime (Chargé de cours)

interests: Gravitational waves
tel: +32-4-3663669
email: Maxime.Fays(at)uliege.be

Hutsemékers Damien (Senior FNRS Research Associate)

interests: extra-galactic astrophysics
tel: +32-4-366 9760
email: D.Hutsemekers(at)uliege.be

Sluse Dominique (Research Logistician)

interests: extra-galactic astrophysics
email: dsluse(at)uliege.be

Postdoctoral Fellows

Lopez Dixeena (IISN Postdoctoral Fellow)

interests: Einstein telescope
tel: +32 -4-3663664
email: dixeena.lopez@uliege.be

Pracchia, Matteo (IISN Postdoctoral Fellow)

interests: Gravitational wave bursts
tel: +32 -4-3663642
email: mpracchia@uliege.be

Naddaf Moghadam, Mohammad Hassan (ULiège postdoc)

interests: microlensing for the study of quasars

Savic Djordje (IISN Postdoctoral Fellow)

interests: quasars
email: dsavic@uliege.be

Ph.D. Candidate

Oueslati Rami

QCD at (ultra-)high energies: Collider Phenomenology and Cosmic Ray Physics

tel: +32-4-366 3642
email: rami.oueslati@gmail.com

Retired Staff

Cugnon Joseph (Professeur ordinaire émérite)

interests: Spallation reactions, Plasma physics, Psi suppression
tel: +32-4-366 3601
email: J.Cugnon(at)uliege.be

Stancu Floarea(Chargée de cours honoraire, Professeur invité)

interests: hadron spectroscopy, multiquark states, group theory
tel: +32-4-366 3643
email: fstancu(at)uliege.be

Official Collaborators

Bartz Daniel (Guardis) email: bartz_daniel(at)yahoo.fr

Bhattacharya Atri

Ivanov Igor, email: Igor.Ivanov(at)uliege.be

Laletin Maxim, email: maxim.laletin(at)uliege.be

Lansberg Jean-Philippe (IPN Orsay)

Meli Athina

Payez Alexandre

Char Prasanta

Former Group Members


Bawin Michel
Burnel André
De Rop Yves
Lejeune André
Polyakov Maxim
Sartor Renato

Postdocs/visiting scientists

Aristizabal Diego
Arleo François
Bhattacharya Atri
Bissey François
Ciarcelluti Paolo
Ceccopieri Federico
Cordero-Carrión Isabel
Courtoy Aurore
Kalinovsky Yura
Lorcé Cédric
Mancusi Davide
Mandal Subhayan
Martynov Evgenij
Sandin Fredrik
Semenov Kirill
Simoes Catarina
Szymanowski Lech
Vicente Avelino
Wegman Ostrosky Daniel

Doctoral students

Aoust Thierry
Baltus Grégory
Bouaziz Djamil
Boudart Vincent
Dechambre Alice
Degée Audrey
Henrotte Pierre
Keus Venus
Matagne Nicolas
Mathot Michel
Pedoux Sophie
Pelgrims Vincent
Soyez Grégory
Wallemacq Quentin



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