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Cugnon Joseph

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Joseph Cugnon

University of Liège

AGO Department

Rencontre SCK-CEN/ULg, 2 Sept 2010

Program: Media:horaire.pdf

Page du SCK: http://www.sckcen.be/

Page de MYRRHA: http://myrrha.sckcen.be/

SCK Presentations:

ULg Presentations:

Scientific interests

1. Research interests

  • quark-gluon plasma, relativistic heavy ion collisions
  • quark structure and generalized parton distributions
  • spallation reactions, intranuclear cascade model
  • nuclear reaction theory
  • antiproton-nucleus physics
  • nuclear matter equation of state

2. General interests

  • cosmic rays, antimatter in the universe
  • energy issues, nuclear energy issues
  • radioprotection, nondissemination
  • nuclear waste processing, transmutation, ADS machines
  • historical topics in physics: fission, etc

Repository of the HINDAS Final Report

HINDAS Detailed Final Report

Available documents

Inaugural lecture, Francqui chair, Universiteit Gent

Nuclear Reaction mechanisms

A short description of the INCL4 model

The Casimir effect

Useful formulae for single scattering approximation Media:SSA.pdf

Single scattering approximation for quasi-elastic cross sections (J.Cugnon and B. Vandenbossche) Media:spallQE.pdf


List of articles in SPIRES


Complete list from current Curriculum Vitae

Here: Media:cvcourant.pdf

Most important articles:

1. Five most representative articles of the carrier:

    1) Entropy production in high energy collisions, G. Bertsch, J. Cugnon, Physical Review C24 (1981) 2514-2520

    2) Possible fragmentation instability in a nuclear expanding fireball, J. Cugnon, Physics Letters B135 (1984) 374-377

    3) Antiproton-nucleus interaction, J. Cugnon, J. Vandermeulen, Annales de Physique (Fr.) 14 (1989) 49-88

    4) Intranuclear Cascade Model for a Comprehensive Description of Spallation Reaction Data, A. Boudard, J. Cugnon, S. Leray & C. Volant, Phys. Rev. C66 (2002) 044615-1/28
    5) New potentialities of the Liège intranuclear cascade (INCL) model for reactions induced by nucleons and light charged particles, A. Boudard, J. Cugnon, J.-C. David, S. Leray and D. Mancusi, Phys. Rev. C87 (2013) 014606, 28p. [nucl-th]arXiv:1210.3498

2. Recent articles:



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