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Athina Meli

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Dr. Athina Meli holds a PhD in Astrophysics from the prestigious Blackett Laboratory of Imperial College London.

She has conducted research in internationally known institutes such as Max-Planck Institute for Radioastronomy Bonn, she is awarded for her research and has given various invited scientific talks and public seminars in international conferences and schools.

For several years she has been studying the relativistic acceleration mechanisms of high energy Cosmic Rays and the properties of relativistic extragalactic sources. She has been a member of major international cosmic-ray and cosmic-neutrino observatory experiments such as AUGER, IceCube, Antares, Km3net. She serves as Editor or reviewer in several international scientific peer-reviewed journals. She is a co-founder, secretary and member of the board of the CosPa Network in Belgium.

The observed cosmic-ray spectrum, especially in very high energies, is an exciting subject of research for over a century. Athina studies the possible mechanisms of the origin of these cosmic-rays and has investigated with sophisticated simulations the kinematic acceleration mechanisms that occur in astrophysical plasma shock formations in galactic and extra-galactic environments. She tries to understand the connection to the consequent emissions in the galaxy, and to individual extra-galactic sources, in neutrinos, gamma-, x-rays and radio waves, which are also critically dependent on the topology of the sources’ magnetic (electric) fields.

So far her research results provided significant insights on the efficiency of the stochastic processes of the diffusive acceleration of cosmic-rays in relativistic plasma environments. Her research work showed that the efficiency of the diffusive particle shock acceleration in a relativistic plasma environment varies, especially, on the direction of the magnetic field in a turbulent plasma (e.g. shock), with important consequences to multi-wavelength source radiation models (neutrinos and gamma-rays).

Presently, her research interests, among other, focus on extensive PIC simulations and big data analysis studies of relativistic astrophysical jet plasmas with helical magnetic fields, the effects they have into the injection and acceleration of high energy Cosmic-Rays and the role they play on the consequent multi-wavelength radiation such as x-ray, gamma-rays and radio, in order to explain or predict observational data from major terrestrial and airborne telescopes.

Research interests

1. Astro-particle physics and High-Energy Astrophysics

2. Space plasmas - Jet physics

3. Cosmic-ray acceleration in relativistic plasmas and extragalactic jets

4. Radiation processes in Super Novae, Active Galactic Nuclei and Gamma-Ray-Bursts environments

5. Computational modelling and simulations

6. Big Data/Neural networks

7. Gravitational waves from SMBHs

List of publications

ADS Astrophysics Data System


North Carolina A&T State University
College of Science and Technology
Department of Physics
North Carolina (NC)
United States


Space sciences & Technologies for Astrophysics Research (STAR) Institute
Universite de Liege
Sart Tilman, 4000 Liege

Email: ameli @uliege.be



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