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Coming seminars in our group

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  1. Decembre 4th at 11.00 (room 4/28), Miha Nemevsek from Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, will present Neutrino mass origin and Higgs decays at LHC . Abstract: Neutrino oscillations provide an unambiguous experimental evidence for physics beyond the Standard Model. While the discovery of the Higgs boson allows us to test the origin of charged fermions, the theory of neutrino mass remains to be discovered. We will discuss the issue of neutrino mass, in particular the possible existence of Majorana neutrinos and the associated lepton number violation. Textbook search for rare nuclear processes will be revisited and contrasted with existing LHC searches. Finally, we will discuss in detail a recent proposal to search for the origin of neutrino mass at the LHC in rare Higgs decays to a pair of Majorana neutrinos.



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