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Help:Tips and Tricks

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This wiki may only be edited by IFPA members with accounts on the wiki. If you are a member of the IFPA group and have not yet obtained a wiki account, please contact the wiki maintainer.

For members with accounts, once you log in, the usual documentation for editing on the wiki applies here as well. This page documents some IFPA-wiki-only tips and tricks that may help you with your editing here, in addition to guiding you around the various parts of the IFPA-wiki theme.

Navigating around the wiki

The tools menu

The Tools menu

Your first edit and the WikiEditor interface

You should see the wikieditor interface show up when you are editing a page or creating one anew. This should look as follows:

WikiEditor toolbar

If, instead, you see a blank text-entry box without the formatting toolbar (B I...), please reload your page. This is a known problem with the WikiEditor toolbar on some combinations of browsers and operating systems.

Equations and Inline Math

Description Raw Text Input Shows as
Inline maths This is Einstein's famous equation: <math>E = \sqrt{m^{2} c^{4} + p^{2} c^{2}}</math>. This is Einstein's famous equation: [math]E = \sqrt{m^{2} c^{4} + p^{2} c^{2}}[/math].
DisplayMath shows a centred (unnumbered) equation in its own line {{DisplayMath | <math>\sin^{2}(\varphi) + \cos^{2}(\varphi) = 1</math>}}
[math]\sin^{2}(\varphi) + \cos^{2}(\varphi) = 1[/math]
NumberedEqn shows as a centred equation in its own line with automatic numbering, starting with number 1 on every page {{NumberedEqn | <math>\partial_{\alpha} F^{\alpha\beta} = \mu_{0} J^{\beta} </math>}}

{{NumberedEqn | <math>2 \partial_{\alpha} \partial^{[\alpha} A^{\beta]} = \mu_{0} J^{\beta} </math>}}

{{NumberedEqn | <math>\tfrac{1}{\sqrt{-g}}\partial_{\alpha} \left(\sqrt{-g} F^{\alpha\beta} \right) = \mu_{0} J^{\beta} </math>}}
[math]\partial_{\alpha} F^{\alpha\beta} = \mu_{0} J^{\beta} [/math](1)
[math]2 \partial_{\alpha} \partial^{[\alpha} A^{\beta]} = \mu_{0} J^{\beta} [/math](2)
[math]\tfrac{1}{\sqrt{-g}}\partial_{\alpha} \left(\sqrt{-g} F^{\alpha\beta} \right) = \mu_{0} J^{\beta} [/math](3)

Embedding PDFs

Use {{PDF | name=<Uploaded file name with extension> | width=<optional width> | height=<optional height>}} to embed a PDF (already uploaded on the wiki) in your page. For browsers that do not support PDF embedding (e.g. on the mobile), a link to the PDF file is shown instead.


This {{PDF | name=Slides-1.pdf | width=500 | height=400}} gives:

Currently your browser does not use a PDF plugin. You may however download the PDF file instead.

Member Infobox

{{Infobox |Mugshot=Phi4.jpg |Position=Chapter 4, P&S |Research=Quantum Field Theory |OffPh=+32 xxx xxxx xxx |ULgEmail=some.email |Office=Bât B5a 4/xx }} to show a member (or, in this case, a tadpole) infobox

Position Chapter 4, P&S
Research Interests Quantum Field Theory
Bât B5a 4/xx
some.email (at) uliege.be
+32 xxx xxxx xxx

Locked-out Pages

Pages in the Protected namespace are viewable only to logged in members of the IFPA wiki. To create a protected page, assuming you are already logged in, simply create a new page with its title prefixed with: Protected:.

Back-to links

It is often convenient to have a link at the top/bottom of a page that points "Back to" some semantically parent page. This is easily done by using the BackTo template. Use {{BackTo | Parent page title | Optional display text}} to do this. If the optional display text is omitted, the parent page title is automatically used in its lieu.


{{BackTo | Introduction to quantum field theory}} shows up as
Introduction to quantum field theory .

{{BackTo | Introduction to quantum field theory | Back to course main page}} shows up as
Back to course main page .

RSS Feed

Embed RSS/Atom feeds in a page by using the <rss max=<opt N> >http://URL_to_RSS_feed_here</rss> div. The optional max= tag specifies the maximum number of items to display from the feed; if omitted, all items from the feed are shown.


Use <rss max=4>http://inspirehep.net/rss?ln=en&p=author%3AAtri.Bhattacharya.1</rss> to show the 4 recent publications on Inspire for Atri Bhattacharya:


Quick shortcuts to link to external websites:

Raw input Displayed output
[[arxiv:1606.03738]] arxiv:1606.03738
[[arxiv:1606.03738 | Same link, different text]] Same link, different text
[[mw:Help:Tables | Help with tables on wikipages]] Help with tables on wikipages
[[doi:10.1088/1475-7516/2017/07/027]] doi:10.1088/1475-7516/2017/07/027
[[wikibooks:Special Relativity]] wikibooks:Special Relativity
[[wikipedia:Albert Einstein]] wikipedia:Albert Einstein

See full list of shortcuts at Special:Interwiki

Collapsible hints (hidden initially)

{{Collapsed Paragraph | Hint for problem | Recall <math>E=mc^2</math>}}

to get:

Hint for problem

Recall [math]E=mc^2[/math]



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