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Information for workshop of Friday 6th December

From IFPA wiki

Hi everyone,

In preparation for the workshop on Unmodeled search for minute-long gravitational-wave transients, please run the following commands to setup the necessary environment using the Anaconda package manager in Anaconda Prompt (terminal on Linux or macOS):

conda create -n LIGOpyxel-3.7 python=3.7
conda activate LIGOpyxel-3.7

conda install jupyter
conda install -c conda-forge pycbc gwpy pyfftw scikit-image
conda install -c astropy photutils
conda install pandas

Then add the new environment to your jupyter kernels with:

ipython kernel install --user --name=LIGOpyxel-3.7

If this is your first time using anaconda, you'll be prompted for additional integration with your shell. Please follow the instructions. If any issue arises during the installation, do not hesitate to drop me a message at maxime.fays (at) ligo.org .

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday,





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