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Past seminars in our group

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  1. April 16 : Y. Dubois, "Dancing in the dark: galactic properties trace spin swings along the cosmic web."
  2. April 28 : A. Payez, "Updates on axion-like particles in astrophysics: what we can learn from dying stars."
  3. May 21 : I. Ivanov, "Discriminating between stable vs. metastable vacua in the two-Higgs-doublet models."
  4. June 25 : O. Selyugin, "Nucleon form factors and properties of the elastic scattering amplitude at low and LHC energies."
  5. July 14 : D. Wegman, "Quasi-degenerate Majorana Neutrinos and Large CP Violation."
  6. September 11 : D. Delepine, "CP violation in D Mesons: a window to New Physics."
  7. November 3 : E. Ma, "Neutrino Mixing, A4, and Dark Matter."


  1. January 10 : V. Troshina, "Search for nu_µ -> nu_tau oscillation in the OPERA experiment."
  2. January 23 : V. Keus, "E6SSM inspired 6-Higgs-doublet models."
  3. February 6 : I. Ivanov, "A No-Go Theorem in Multi-Higgs Flavour Models."
  4. March 12 : Q. Wallemacq, "Milli-interacting dark matter interpretation of the direct-search experiments."
  5. April 7 : M. Polyakov, "Quasi-renormalisable quantum field theories, pseudofactorials and all that..."
  6. April 10 : A. Aparici, "Using effective Lagrangians with gauge bosons to model 0nu2beta and neutrino masses."
  7. May 6 : J. Noreña, "Introduction to the BICEP 2 measurement and consequences for models of inflation."
  8. May 20 : D. Müller, "Mathematical and phenomenological aspects of Generalized Parton Distributions."
  9. June 5 : I. de Medeiros Varzielas, "Geometrical CP violation with a complete fermion sector."
  10. June 10 : G. Ro, "Classically Scale Invariant Extensions of the Standard Model."
  11. June 20 : A. Rajan, "Partonic Orbital Angular Momentum."
  12. August 28 : C. Simoes, "Minimal anomaly-free chiral fermion sets beyond the standard model and gauge coupling unification."
  13. Septembre 16 : S. Davidson, "What does gravity do with axions?"
  14. October 9 : D. Meloni, "Neutrinos as a probe of new physics effects."
  15. October 16 : Y. Farzan, "Explaining the 3.5 keV line by dark atoms."
  16. November 6 : I. Tamborra, "Neutrinos and core-collapse supernovae: recent developments and new challenges."


  1. February 27 : S. Morisi, "The flavor problem & flavor symmetry"
  2. February 28 : E. Peinado, "Flavor symmetries and DM stability"
  3. March 7 : M. Hirsch, "Double beta decay and the LHC"
  4. April 18 : L.Szymanowski, "QCD collinear factorization, its extentions and the partonic distributions"
  5. April 25 : V. Avelino, "Sterile neutrinos and violation of lepton flavor universality"
  6. May 2 : J. Redondo, "Axion cold dark matter"
  7. June 20 : C. S. Fong, "Quark masses and mixing from spontaneous symmetry breaking"
  8. August 29: E. Leader, "The controversy about quark and gluon angular momentum: what's it all about and does it matter?"
  9. September 19: W.-C. Huang, "Fermi Bubbles under Dark Matter Scrutiny"
  10. October 7: E. Nardi, "Leptogenesis and neutrino masses"
  11. October 10 : A. Füzfa, "Higgs monopoles in modified gravity"
  12. October 29 : D. Restrepo, "Dark matter realization of the Weinberg neutrino mass operator"
  13. October 30 : A. Meli, "Icecube: The south pole neutrino observatory- a review"
  14. November 7 : A. Vladimirov, "Analysis of small-b_T expansion for TMD PDF"
  15. November 22 : I. Cordero-Carrión, "Constrained formulations of Einstein equations"
  16. November 28 : A. Grebenyuk, "Charged particle spectra as a probe for small x parton dynamics and saturation."


  1. February 16: M. Pohl, "Electromagnetic turbulence and particle acceleration in space"
  2. February 23: P. Tinyakov, "Constraints on dark matter from its capture in compact stars"
  3. March 15: S. Spinner, "The Theory for R-parity and the LHC"
  4. March 22: F. Ceccopieri,"QCD analysis of Lambda leptoproduction in the DIS target fragmentation region"
  5. April 23: G. Kirilin, "Soft colinear gravity"
  6. April 25: O. Cata, "Holographic methods for nonperturbative QCD"
  7. September 4, P. Ferreira, " The Two Higgs Doublet Model Post the Higgs Discovery"
  8. October 29: A. Moiseeva, "Chiral corrections to nucleon GPDs"
  9. October 31: C. Lorcé, "How to define and access the different contributions to the proton spin"
  10. November 15: M. Polyakov, "Infrared Logs in Effective Field Theories"
  11. November 29: T. Hebbeker, "LHC results"
  12. December 18: P. Scott, "The search for particle dark matter"


  1. January 13: Ya. Shnir, "Fractal dynamics of phi^4 and phi^6 kinks"
  2. March 14: A. Courtoy, "Status on the Transversity parton distribution : the dihadron fragmentation functions way"
  3. March 15: E. Peinado, "Dark matter stability from non-Abelian discrete flavor symmetries"
  4. June 16: I. Cherednikov, "The CMS ridge effect: A manifestation of quantum entanglement?"
  5. June 21: A. Ibarra, "Cosmic ray signatures of dark matter decay"
  6. June 28, A. Illarionov, "Ultrahigh-energy neutrino-nucleon deep-inelastic scattering and the Froissart bound"
  7. July 14, V. Serbo, "Generation of high-energy photons with non-zero orbital angular momentum by Compton backscattering"
  8. October 18, I. Ivanov, "Collisional entanglement of OAM in vortex beams"
  9. October 25, A. Courtoy
  10. Novembre 8, K. Semenov, "Hard exclusive backward electroproduction of pions and nucleon to pion transition distribution amplitudes"
  11. Novembre 24, O. Selyugin, "The effect of the small-t properties of hadronic scattering on the determination of rho(s,t)"
  12. Novembre 24, A. Meli, "Ultra high energy cosmic rays"
  13. December 8, D. Karlovets, "Universal description for different types of polarization radiation"


  1. March 5, Cédric Lorcé, "Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors: A Short Review"
  2. March 17, F.S. Ling, "Dark Matter Direct Detection. New solutions to the annual modulation seen by DAMA"
  3. April 15, R. Charity, "Deducing the properties of hot nuclei from light-particle evaporation spectra"
  4. April 16, M. Khlopov, "Puzzles of Dark Matter Searches - a signature for Composite Dark Matter?"
  5. May 6, D. Aristizabal, "Phenomenological Aspects of Neutrino Mass Generation"
  6. June 3, P. Sikivie, "The Case for Axion Dark Matter"
  7. June 4, A. Botvina, "Multifragmentation of nuclei and stellar matter in supernova explosions"
  8. June 15, A. Meli, "Cosmic rays and relativistic shock acceleration"
  9. June 16, A. Calle Cordon, "Renormalization of the NN interaction: Chiral Quark Models and One Boson Exchange"
  10. July 13, C. Roberts, "Manifestations of dynamical chiral symmetry breaking in hadron structure and interactions"
  11. September 9, C. Pittori, "AGILE and Fermi satellites: latest highlights in gamma-ray astrophysics"
  12. October 18, J. Racker, "Leptogenesis and CP violation in scatterings with gauge bosons"
  13. October 21, R. Pasechnik, "Spin effects in diffractive charmonia production"
  14. October 29, R. Polifka, "Diffraction at the H1 experiment"
  15. November 9, D. Naumov, "Neutrino oscillations within a quantum field theory of relatistic wave packets"
  16. November 17, C. Yaguna, "Three-body final states in dark matter annihilations and decays"
  17. November 18, P. Biermann, "The nature of dark matter"
  18. November 22, C. Lorcé, "Parton distributions"
  19. December 6, P. Ciarcelluti, "A review on astrophysical properties of mirror dark matter"
  20. December 9, L. Lopez-Honorez, "Interacting dark matter-dark energy"
  21. December 21, O. Selyugin, "Extra dimensions and the gravitation potential taking into account the nucleon form factor"

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  1. Oct. 14: Instant presentation seminar of all members of group
  2. Oct. 21: J.R. Cudell, "QCD 2002: where do we stand?"
  3. Oct. 28: B. Samsonov , "New achievements in supersymmetric quantum mechanics"
  4. Nov. 4: L. Szymanowski, "Probing chiral-odd GPD's in diffractive electroproduction of two vector mesons"
  5. Nov. 6: A. Prokudin , "Photoproduction of vector mesons in the Soft Dipole Pomeron model"
  6. Nov. 20: O. Selyugin , "High-energy spin effects and the structure of the elastic scattering amplitude"
  7. Nov 25: I. M. Narodetskii, "Spectroscopy of Baryons Containing Two Heavy Quarks"
  8. Dec 6: L. Moyaerts, "Worldline Numerics : a new numerical approach to quantum effective actions"
  9. Dec 9: M. Jaminon, "Science et vulgarisation : la Maison de la Science à Liège"
  10. Dec 17: F. Pauquay, "Infrared problems and screening masses in hot QCD"


  1. Jan 27: M. Bawin, "Renormalisation des potentiels singuliers en mécanique quantique non relativiste"
  2. Feb 10 : F. Brau,"Upper and lower limits for the number of bound states in an attractive central potential."
  3. Feb 18 : J. Cugnon, "Transmutation of nuclear wastes"
  4. Feb 25: T. Aoust, "MYRRHA, a multipurpose ADS for R&D. Present status"
  5. Mar 18: P. Henrotte, "The Intranuclear Cascade model and its low-energy limit of validity"
  6. Mar 25: F. Stancu, "On a three-body confinement force in quark systems"
  7. Apr 1: F. Bissey, "Photon-Pion Scattering and DVCS"
  8. Apr 8: G. Soyez, "The triple-pole Pomeron: Regge theory vs DGLAP evolution"
  9. May 5: H. Weigel , "The Soliton Picture for Baryons: From Topology to Phenomenology"
  10. May 5: A. Brandenburg , "Probing fundamental interactions with heavy quarks"
  11. May 5: M.V. Polyakov,"Hard exclusive processes as a new tool in nuclear and particle physics"
  12. May 19: F. Hautmann, "Factorization in high-energy hadron scattering"
  13. June 16: O. Selyugin, "Beyond Glauber"
  14. June 30: N. Matagne, "Ghosts in the non-compact cosmological models of Einstein-de Sitter"
  15. Sept. 3: D. Anchishkin, "Radiation of Lepton Pairs from Finite Thermal Fireballs"
  16. Sept. 23: 15h30: A. Lengyel, "Regge-motivated models describing the proton structure function"
  17. Sept. 24, 14h00-16:15: Rencontres thématiques, Le problème à N corps en Physique Nucléaire: talks by R. Sartor , J. Richert, J.M. Perdang, P. Grange
  18. Sept. 30: E. Martynov , "High-energy diffraction dissociation and the soft pomeron"
  19. Oct. 14: G.A. Miller , "Return of the EMC Effect: A New Hope"
  20. Oct. 21: R. Sartor, "Diagrammatic analysis of the Hellmann-Feynman theorem: theory and numerical applications"
  21. Nov. 4: A. Prokudin, "Elastic pbar p and pp scattering at high energies and the Coulomb-nuclear interference region"
  22. Nov. 12: M. Polyakov, "Pentaquark prediction, discovery and implications"
  23. Nov. 18: Ilya Narodetskii , "Pentaquark spectrum in string dynamics"
  24. Nov. 21: Bernard Silvestre-Brac, "Facteurs de forme electromagnetiques pour les quarks dans la description des mesons"
  25. Nov. 26: F. Stancu, "Pentaquarks in the constituent quark model"
  26. Nov. 27: F. Arleo, "Energy loss of hard partons in dense QCD media"
  27. Dec. 2: Veljko Dmitrasinovic, "Flavour and Colour in Hadron Spectroscopy"
  29. Dec. 11: M. Strikman , "Onset of the black body regime in high energy QCD phenomena"


  1. Jan. 5: Peter V. Landshoff , "The pomerons"
  2. Feb. 3: J.-P. Lansberg, "Generalized Parton Distributions of the Pion"
  3. Feb. 11: J.R. Cudell, "The hard pomeron in soft data"
  4. February 18: M. Bawin , "Electron bound states in the field of dipolar molecules"
  5. February 25: D. d'Enterria, "Bulk properties of QCD from the hard sector at RHIC"
  6. March 2, B. Samsonov,"Darboux transformations in quantum mechanics"
  7. March 11, Yu. Kalinovsky, "J/psi Dissociation and Hadron Formfactors"
  8. March 17, T. Aoust, "Effects of isospin and energy dependences of the nuclear mean field in spallation reactions"
  9. March 24, G. Soyez , "Introduction to Diffraction"
  10. March 31, P. Henrotte, "Extension of the Liège Intranuclear Cascade Model to low energies"
  11. April 30, F. Arleo, "Heavy-quarkonium hadron cross section in QCD at leading twist"
  12. May 5, P. Stassart, "Partial Wave Analysis renewal and the N1/2+ spectrum"
  13. May 19, N. Matagne, "Baryon spectroscopy in large Nc QCD"
  14. May 27, J. Cugnon, "Why continue with nuclear physics in Belgium?"
  15. June 9,V. Dmitrasinovic, "Pentaquarks in the constituent quark model with favour-dependent interactions"
  16. June 30, P. Costa, "Anomalous decay of pion and eta at finite temperature and density"
  17. August 17, A. Vogt, "QCD prerequisites for collider physics: The three-loop splitting functions"
  18. August 24, D. Bartz, "Le réseau de physique théorique"
  19. September 7, V. Radescu, "Structure Functions results from NuTeV"
  20. October 13, E. Martynov (BITP Kiev), "Direct extraction of hadronic form factors from elastic scattering data."
  21. October 22, A. Hosaka, "Production and decay of Pentaquark Theta+"
  22. November 10, L. Szymanowski , "Vector meson production in the QCD factorization approach at next-to-leading order"
  23. November 16, Jean-Marc Richard,"Hot issues in hadron spectroscopy"
  24. November 17, Sergey Ganzhur, "Recent results from the B-Factories"
  25. November 24, Michel Bawin, "Renormalization of the singular attractive 1/r^4 potential"
  26. December 8, Dmitri Ivanov, "The impact factor for the virtual photon to light vector meson transition"
  27. 16-18/12, HLPR04 Meeting, Spa


  1. January 21st, D. Diakonov, "Instantons, monopoles and confinement-deconfinement transition"
  2. February 9, S. Gerasyuta, "Relativistic few-body equations"
  3. March 9, J. Cugnon, "Cluster production in spallation reactions"
  4. March 16, I. Anikin, "Description of qbar q g and qbar q qbar q -meson states"
  5. April 13, J.R. Cudell, "Pomerons"
  6. April 20, G. Soyez, "Geometric scaling in high-energy QCD at nonzero momentum transfer"
  7. April 27, C. Lorcé, "Solitons and Instantons"
  8. May 4, N. Matagne, "Excited [70, l+]$ baryons in large-Nc QCD"
  9. May 11, F. Stancu, "Doubly charmed baryons"
  10. May 18, T. Aoust, "Improvement of the Pion Physics in the Intranuclear Cascade Model of Liège"
  11. May 19, J.M. Richard, "Observables de spin et dynamique de la réaction d'échange d'étrangeté proton-antiproton --> hyperon-antihyperon"
  12. May 25, P. Hagler,"Generalized Parton Distributions in Lattice QCD"
  13. June 22, K. Semenov, "Renormalization Program for Effective Field Theories"
  14. June 29, R. Sartor, " Résolution de l'équation de Bethe-Faddeev par inversion directe dans l'espace k"
  15. July 6, R. Enberg, "Saturation, travelling waves and fluctuations in QCD"
  16. September 12, P. Henrotte, "Extensions du modele de cascade intranucleaire pour les reactions de spallation"
  17. September 21, E. Martynov (BITP, Kiev), "The Grid: the new technology for a distributed computing"
  18. October 21, O. Selyugin, "N-dimensional world and polarisation phenomena at RHIC"
  19. November 18,D. Ivanov, "Electroproduction of two light vector mesons in the next-to-leading approximation."
  20. December 16, G. Soyez, "Saturation in high-energy QCD"


  1. Jan 13, M. Bawin,"Minimum dipole moment required to bind an electron"
  2. Jan. 20, J. Cugnon, "Improvements of the INCL model for spallation"
  3. Feb. 3, L. Szymanowski, " Transition Distribution Amplitudes (TDAs) as non-diagonal GPDs"
  5. Feb. 17, K. Semenov-Tian-Shansky, "GPDs: General Properties and Modeling in the Low-Energy Effective Field Theory"
  6. March 6, B. Ermolaev , "Description of the Polarized Deep-Inelastic Scattering at small x"
  7. March 10, Mathieu Segond, "Double photoproduction of rho mesons at the ILC"
  8. March 13, Roland Kirschner (Leipzig U.), " Wandzura-Wilczek type relations for all twists"
  9. March 24, Pierre Stassart, "Is the delta(1600) the true radial partner of the roper resonance?"
  10. March 31, Alice Dechambre, "Introduction to the renormalisation group: a review of the ECT* school"
  11. April 3: CP3-PTF meeting, talks by P. Artoisenet, J.P. Lansberg, N. Matagne, J. Alwall and L. Szymanowski
  12. April 28, Floarea Stancu , "Evolution of nuclear shells due to the tensor force"
  13. May 4th: astrotheo meeting, talks by J.F. Claeskens, Y. Kalinovsky, J. Surdej, F. Stancu, P. Magain, J. Cugnon, D. Hutsemekers, O. Selyugin, M. de Becker, J.R. Cudell.
  14. May 8, I.P. Ivanov , "Production of spin-3 mesons in diffractive DIS"
  15. June 14, J. Ph. Lansberg, "TDAs: a new tool to study exclusive processes"
  16. June 16, Djamil Bouaziz, " Mécanique quantique avec une relation d'incertitude généralisée"
  17. June 23, K. Shimizu , "Study of baryon-meson scattering and pentaquarks in a quark cluster model"
  18. June 27,L. Kalinovskaya, "Computer system SANC for one-loop calculations in high-energy physics"
  19. Sept. 11, D. Hutsemekers, "Large scale alignments of quasar polarization vectors: observational evidence and possible implications for cosmology and fundamental physics"
  20. Nov. 3, Igor Ivanov , "Geometric structure of the two-Higgs-doublet model"
  21. Nov. 30, Michel Tytgat, "Relating the baryon asymmetry to the abundance of dark matter?"
  22. Dec. 8, Oleg Selyugin, "Analytic properties of scattering amplitudes and some features of soft diffraction at the LHC"
  23. Dec. 15, Olga Lakhina, "Study of meson properties in quark models"
  24. Dec. 19, Jose L. Goity, "[math]1/Nc[/math] analysis of strong and electromagnetic transitions in baryons"


  1. Jan 12, Jesus Navarro Faus, "Stability and spectra of small 3He 4He droplets"
  2. March 5, V. Magas , "Some applications of Dual Model with Mandelstam Analyticity"
  3. March 16, T. Melde, "Constituent Quark Models in Point Form Relativistic Quantum Mechanics"
  4. June 22, T. Aoust, "Améliorations du modèle en cascade intranucléaire de Liège en vue de l'étude de cibles de spallation pour les systèmes hybrides"
  5. G. Soyez, "SISCone:a practical Seedless Infrared Safe Cone jet algorithm"
  6. August 16, L. Szymanowski, "Exclusive J/psi and Upsilon hadroproduction as a probe of the QCD odderon"
  7. August 22, L. Szymanowski,, "Probing transversity GPD's in photo- and electro-production of two vector mesons"
  8. August 29, C. Lorcé, " AdS/QCD duality (or What can String Theory say about QCD?)"
  9. Sept. 5, S. Pedoux, "Extension of the IntraNuclear Cascade model of Liège (INCL) above 2 GeV"
  10. Sept. 19, N. Matagne, "Baryon resonances in the [math]1/N_c[/math] expansion"
  11. Oct. 24, O.V. Selyugin, "GPDs and Nucleon Form Factors"
  13. Nov. 21, I.P. Ivanov, "Geometric methods in situations with two order parameters"
  14. Nov. 28, A. Papa, "QCD in the Regge limit: from gluon Reggeization to physical amplitudes"
  15. Dec. 10, E. Martynov, "Proton-proton and antiproton-proton scattering at all energies and momentum transfers"
  16. Dec. 20, D. Diakonov, "Statistical mechanics of dyons and quark confinement"


  1. Feb. 21, G. Soyez, "An overview of saturation in QCD"
  2. March 13, F. Sandin, "Quark matter in the core of neutron stars"
  3. April 4, D. Mancusi, "Radiation and matter: how do they play with each other?"
  4. April 22, T. Ohsaku, "Dynamical Dirac Mass Generation in the Supersymmetric Nambu—Jona-Lasinio Model with the Seesaw Mechanism of Neutrinos"
  5. June 19, I. F. Ginzburg, "Photon Colliders. Why they are necessary"
  6. June 20th, I. F. Ginzburg, "Unstable particles in physical processes. (Solved and unsolved problems)"
  7. July 29th, L. Szymanowski, "Probing Photon Structure in DVCS on a Photon Target"
  8. September 18th, A. Giammanco, "Status of the CMS detector and of the LHC accelerator, and prospects for very early data with CMS"
  9. Oct. 14th, G. Soyez, "Recent progress in jet algorithms for the LHC"
  10. Nov. 6th, T. Castermans, "Latest results on neutrino point source searches with the AMANDA telescope. "
  11. Nov. 26th, S. Popov, "The zoo of isolated neutron stars"
  12. Nov. 27, S. Popov, "Astronomy meets QCD: cooling constraints for the theories of internal structure of compact object"
  13. Dec. 8, F. A. Ceccopieri, "Semi-Inclusive Drell-Yan process in NLO pQCD as a factorization analyzer"
  14. Dec. 10, O. Selyugin, "Features of soft diffraction at LHC and analytic properties of unitarization schemes"


  1. Jan. 8, C. Lorcé, "Quark Transverse Charge Densities for Spin-3/2 Particles"
  2. March 30, Jean-Philippe Lansberg, "Perspectives de production de J/psi et Upsilon au LHC"
  3. April 21, B. El-Bennich, "Hadronic form factors in non-leptonic heavy meson decays"
  4. May 6, Benjamin Fuks (IPHC - Strasbourg U.) "QCD resummation for Drell-Yan-like processes beyond the Standard Model"
  5. June 2, Maxim Yu. Khlopov, "Cosmoparticle physics - fundamental relationship between modern cosmology and particle physics"
  6. June 3, Maxim Yu. Khlopov, "Cosmoarcheology - astrophysical data as the "experimental sample" for cosmological test of new physics."
  7. June 4, Maxim Yu. Khlopov, "Cosmophenomenology of new physics"
  8. June 5, Maxim Yu. Khlopov, "Puzzles of dark matter searches"
  9. July 31, D. Bouaziz, "Mécanique quantique avec un principe d'incertitude généralisé. Application à l'interaction 1/r²"
  10. September 9, Aurore Courtoy, "Spin Physics: the Sivers and the Boer-Mulders functions in two quark models"
  11. November 26, Markos Maniatis, "Aspects of the two-Higgs-doublet model in the framework of gauge invariant functions"
  12. December 3, Igor Cherednikov, "Transverse-momentum dependent parton densities: renormalization properties and evolution"
  13. December 10, Oleg Selyugin, "Unitarization and experiments at LHC"



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