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Problems QFT 1

From IFPA wiki
  1. Convert 1 Tesla to natural units.
  2. Show that [math]\tilde F_{\mu\nu}F^{\mu\nu}[/math] can be rewritten as [math]\partial_\mu K^\mu[/math].
  3. What is the vector potential [math]A_\mu[/math] of a static charge at the origin in the axial gauge [math]A_0=V=0[/math] ?
  4. What is the expression of the energy density and of the momentum density of an electromagnetic field as a function of [math]\vec E[/math] and [math]\vec B[/math]?
  5. Show that the invariance of electrodynamics w.r.t. rotations leads to angular momentum conservation. Give the expression of the angular momentum of an electromagnetic field.
  6. Establish the expression of the energy-momentum tensor for a complex scalar field.



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