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Exam questions: theory (Redirected from Questions d'examen-théorie)

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  1. What are the bases of canonical quantification for a classical field theory?
  2. What is second quantification for bosons and fermions?
  3. Quantize a complex scalar field.
  4. What is a spinor, and how are the spinors connected to the Lorentz group?
  5. Build the Dirac Lagrangian.
  6. How is causality defined in quantum field theory? How is it achieved?
  7. What are the Green functions of quantum field theory?
  8. Explain the Gupta-Bleuler quantization procedure for a gauge field.
  9. Explain how to quantize a Dirac field.
  10. Define the S matrix and explain its relation to cross sections.
  11. Enunciate and demonstrate Wick's theorem.
  12. Calculate Feynman's rules for quantum electrodynamics.
  13. Using Wick's theorem, calculate the expression of the electron-muon elastic scattering amplitude.



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