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Special relativity

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1. Introduction:

  • Electromagnetism and Lorentz transformations
  • Lorentz transformation vs Newtonian mechanics

2. Kinematics

  • Simultaneity, Lorentz transformations in mechanics
  • Graphical representation of the standard Lorentz transformation

3. Kinematics 2

  • Length contraction, time dilation, paradoxes
  • Transformation of velocity and acceleration
  • Spacetime and 4-vectors: 4-velocity and 4-acceleration

4. R1

5. Dynamics

  • The equivalence of mass and energy
  • Particles and Waves
  • Four-force and three-force

6. Electromagnetism 1

  • Four-Tensors ==
  • Tensor algebra and differentiation
  • The metric tensor
  • Maxwell's Theory in Tensor Form

7. R2

8. Electromagnetism 2

  • The 4-potential
  • Transformation of E and B
  • The electromagnetic energy tensor

9. Road to General relativity

  • The mechanical energy tensor
  • Accelerated frames and the Rindler coordinates

10. R3

Useful references

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