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Wallemacq Quentin

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Current position in the IFPA group

Former Ph.D. student (Aspirant FNRS).

Advisor: J.R. Cudell

 The subject of my work in 10 words: Properties, observational consequences and cosmological aspects of composite dark matter.

Main interests in physics

  • Dark matter;
  • Quantum Mechanics;
  • Anisotropies of the Cosmic Microwave Background;
  • Nuclear Physics;


  • Is dark matter made of mirror matter? Evidence from cosmological data; P. Ciarcelluti, Q. Wallemacq, arXiv:1211.5354v1 [astro-ph.CO] (2012)


  • The nuclear physics of OHe; J.R. Cudell, M. Yu. Khlopov, Q. Wallemacq, Proceedings of the 15th Bled Workshop "What Comes Beyond the Standard Models" (2012)


Talks given

- PhD Student day at AGO May 22th 2012: 'Atomes noirs : proprietes et consequences observationnelles'

- Internal IFPA Seminar March 26th 2012 : 'Dark atoms : properties and observational consequences'

Language qualifications

  • French: Native speaker;
  • English: Fluent

Everyday tools

Ubuntu; Fortran 90; CAMB; CosmoMC; gnuplot; octave;

Previous work in physics

Undergraduate thesis at the University of Liège (2011):

Advisor: J.R. Cudell

Curriculum Vitae

Last update January 2013:[1].



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