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Particles and astroparticles 2019

1. Gauge invariance, relation with GR, large transformations, Wilson loop.

2. Yang-Mills theories, SU(2), SU(3)

3. SU(3): Lagrangian, Feynman rules

4. Problems R1

5. Ghosts, gauge invariance

6. Inclusive quantities, naïve parton model, Callan-Gross

7. Problems R2

8. Splitting functions

9. Evolution ("DGLAP") equations, factorization

10. Problems R2, 2nd discussion

11. Glashow's model and symmetry breaking

12. Goldstone's theorem and hidden symetries

13. Non-abelian hidden symetries and the standard model

14. Problems R3

15. Fermion masses

16. CP violation

17. Problems R4

18. Feynman rules of the standard model

19. W and Z production and decay

20. Problems R5

21. Grand unification and SU(5)

22. The hierarchy problem, the vacuum stability problem

References for particles and astroparticles

Problems sets: R1, R2, R3, R4, R5

Questions d'examen: partie théorique



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