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Credits for MultimediaViewer

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  • Mark Holmquist <mtraceur@member.fsf.org>
  • Gilles Dubuc <gdubuc@wikimedia.org>
  • Gergő Tisza <tgr.huwiki@gmail.com>
  • Aaron Arcos <aarcos.wiki@gmail.com>
  • Zeljko Filipin <zeljko.filipin@gmail.com>
  • Pau Giner <pau.giner@gmail.com>
  • theopolisme <theopolismewiki@gmail.com>
  • MatmaRex <matma.rex@gmail.com>
  • apsdehal <amanpreet.iitr2013@gmail.com>
  • vldandrew <vldandrew@gmail.com>
  • Ebrahim Byagowi <ebrahim@gnu.org>
  • Dereckson <dereckson@espace-win.org>
  • Brion VIBBER <brion@wikimedia.org>
  • Yuki Shira <shirayuking@gmail.com>
  • Yaroslav Melnychuk <yaroslavmelnuchuk@gmail.com>
  • tonythomas01 <01tonythomas@gmail.com>
  • raymond <raimond.spekking@gmail.com>
  • Kunal Mehta <legoktm@gmail.com>
  • Jeff Hall <jhall@wikimedia.org>
  • Christian Aistleitner <christian@quelltextlich.at>
  • Amir E. Aharoni <amir.aharoni@mail.huji.ac.il>

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