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Quantum field theory (Redirected from Théorie quantique des champs)

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Quantum field theory

[[Dyson on QFT]]

QFT references

Part 1: Quantum electrodynamics

1. Maxwell's equations in relativistic form

2. The lagrangian of Electrodynamics and Noether's theorem

3. Symmetries, Noether theorem, Hamiltonian

4. Problems QFT 1

5&6. Spin and the Lorentz group I

7. Poisson Brackets and canonical quantization

8. Problems QFT 2

9. Second quantization, microcausality

10. Propagators, quantization of the Dirac field, quantization of the Maxwell field

11. Problems QFT 3

12. Fermion and photon propagators. Interaction lagrangians and renormalisability. The concept of the S Matrix. Link with cross sections.

13. Evaluation of the matrix elements of T. Wick's theorem and Feynman rules.

14. Problems QFT 4

15. Explicit example [math]e^- \mu^-\rightarrow e^-\mu^-[/math]

16. QED Feynman rules, and the Rutherford cross section [math]\sigma(e^- \mu^-\rightarrow e^-\mu^-)[/math]

17. Problems QFT 5

18. Crossing, Bhabba scattering, Moller scattering

19. The Compton cross section and related processes

20. Problems QFT 6

Exam questions - theory

Exam schedule and venue

Part 2: Introduction to 1-loop renormalization

1. Higher orders in classical and in quantum physics, loops, Wick rotation, mass renormalisation, Feynman parameters

2. Other renormalised quantities: coupling, norm of fields; non renormalizable theories

3. Relation with cutting rules and dispersion relations; vacuum polarisation

4. Exercices 6

5. dimensional regularisation and vacuum polarisation

6. Electron mass

7. Exercices 7

8. Electron charge

9. Renormalisation group

10. Exercices 8

Exam questions on renormalisation

Références renormalisation



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