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Administrative Staff

Cécile Prégaldien

tel: +32-4-366 3669 / 3676
email: c.pregaldien(at)ulg.ac.be

Academic Staff

Permanent Staff

Cudell Jean-Rene (Professor)

interests: particle physics, QCD, standard model phenomenology, dark atoms, axions, gravitational waves
tel: +32-4-366 3654
email: JR.Cudell(at)uliege.be

de Rop Yves (Chargé de cours)

interests: General relativity and cosmology
tel: +32-4-3669763
email: Y.DeRop(at)uliege.be

Hutsemékers Damien (Senior FNRS Research Associate)

interests: extra-galactic astrophysics
tel: +32-4-366 9760
email: D.Hutsemekers(at)uliege.be

Sluse Dominique (Research Logistician)

interests: extra-galactic astrophysics
email: dsluse(at)uliege.be

Postdoctoral Fellows

Agis-Gonzalez Beatriz (IISN Research Fellow)

interests: polarisation of quasars
email: bagis(at)uliege.be

Bhattacharya Atri (FNRS Research Fellow)

interests: Ultrahigh energy neutrinos and cosmic rays
tel: +32-4-3663638
email: A.Bhattacharya(at)uliege.be

Laletin Maxim (FRIA fellow)

interests: BSM physics and dark matter
tel: +32-4-366 3642
email: maxim.laletin@uliege.be

Doctoral Students

Baltus Grégory (ULiege fellow)

interests: Gravitational waves, black holes
tel: +32-4-366 3643
email: greg.baltus@gmail.com

Oueslati Rami (Joint Supervision grant)

interests: high-energy cosmic-ray showers
tel: +32-4-366 3642
email: rami.oueslati@gmail.com

Retired Staff

Cugnon Joseph (Professeur ordinaire émérite)

interests: Spallation reactions, Plasma physics, Psi suppression
tel: +32-4-366 3601
email: J.Cugnon(at)uliege.be

Stancu Floarea(Chargée de cours honoraire, Professeur invité)

interests: hadron spectroscopy, multiquark states, group theory
tel: +32-4-366 3643
email: fstancu(at)uliege.be

Official Collaborators

Bartz Daniel (Guardis) email: bartz_daniel(at)yahoo.fr

Ceccopieri Federico, e-mail: federico.alberto.ceccopieri(at)cern.ch

Ciarcelluti Paolo, e-mail: paolo.ciarcelluti(at)gmail.com

Ivanov Igor, email: Igor.Ivanov(at)uliege.be

Khlopov Maxim (APC Paris 7)

Lansberg Jean-Philippe (IPN Orsay)

Matagne Nicolas e-mail: nmatagne(at)ulg.ac.be

Meli Athina (U Gent) e-mail: Athina.Meli(at)ugent.be

Payez Alexandre (DESY), e-mail: alexandre.payez(at)desy.de

Frequent Visitors

Selyugin Oleg (JINR DUBNA)

interests: Regge theory, spin physics
email: selugin(at)theor.jinr.ru

Former Group Members


Bawin Michel, e-mail: michelbw(at)skynet.be
Burnel André
Lejeune André, email: acg.lejeune(at)infonie.be
Polyakov Maxim
Sartor Renato

Postdocs/visiting scientists

Aristizabal Diego, email: daristizabal(at)ulg.ac.be
Arleo François(LAPTH, CERN)
Bissey François (Massey U.)
Ciarcelluti Paolo
Ceccopieri Federico, email: federico.alberto.ceccopieri(at)cern.ch
Cordero-Carrión Isabel, email: isabel.cordero(at)obspm.fr
Courtoy Aurore: email:
Kalinovsky Yura (JINR DUBNA)
Lorcé Cédric
Mancusi Davide (CEA Saclay), email: davide.mancusi(at)cea.fr
Mandal Subhayan, email: smandal(at)ulg.ac.be
Martynov Evgenij (BITP KIEV), email: martynov(at)bitp.kiev.ua
Sandin Fredrik, email: fredrik.sandin(at)gmail.com
Selyugin Oleg (JINR DUBNA)
Semenov Kirill, email:
Simoes Catarina, email: csimoes@ulg.ac.be
Szymanowski Lech , email: Lech.Szymanowski(at)fuw.edu.pl
Vicente Avelino, email: avelino.vicente(at)ific.uv.es>
Wegman Ostrosky Daniel email: dwegman@uliege.be

Doctoral students

Degée Audrey email: Audrey.Degee(at)uliege.be
Aoust Thierry (SCK-CEN), email: taoust(at)sckcen.be
Bouaziz Djamil (Université de Jijel), e-mail: djamilbouaziz(at)univ-jijel.dz
Dechambre Alice (CEA Saclay), email: alice-vincent.rotival(at)orange.fr>
Henrotte Pierre (Collège St Servais), email: pierre.henrotte(at)gmail.com
Keus Venus
Mathot Michel (CHU, Sart Tilman), email: michelmathot(at)skynet.be
Pedoux Sophie, email: spedoux(at)uliege.be
Soyez Grégory
Wallemacq Quentin, email: quentin.wallemacq(at)uliege.be
Pelgrims Vincent, email: pelgrims@lpsc.in2p3.fr



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