Joint Meeting HLPW08, March 6-8 2008, Spa, Belgium

Thursday March, 6

13h25 13h30 Welcome

13h30 13h55 A. Holzner (CERN) Early Physics with the CMS Detector at the LHC

Session: Hadronic Physics Chair: C. Volpe 

F. Stancu (Liege) Newly Discovered Exotic Heavy Resonances
14h30 14h55 C. Lorce (Liege) Baryon Shape
15h00 15h25 N. Matagne (Giessen) The wave function of [70,1-] baryons in the 1/Nc expansion

15h30 16h00

Session: Astro I Chair: G. Ripka 

16h00 16h25 C. Volpe (IPN Orsay) Core-collapse supernovae, neutrino properties and CP violation
16h30 16h55 D. Blaschke (Wroclaw) Color-Spin-Locking in Compact Stars
17h00 17h40 J. Surdej (Liege) Gravitational Lenses and Dark Matter


21h15 22h00

Friday March, 7

Session: Astro II Chair: D. Hutsemekers 

08h30 08h55 P. Ciarcelluti (Liege) Astrophysical Test of Mirror Dark Matter
09h00 09h25 D. Zablocki (Wroclaw) Mesons and Diquarks in Quark Matter
09h30 09h55 A. Payez (Liege) Axions and Polarisation of Quasars

10h00 10h30 Coffee

Session: Exclusive and Forward Physics I Chair: N. Matagne 

10h30 10h55 D. d'Enterria (CERN) Experimental Aspects of Forward Physics at the LHC
11h00 11h25 A. Dechambre (Liege) Central Exclusive Dijet Production
11h30 11h55 M. Polyakov (Bochum) Abel Tomography for Amplitudes of Hard Exclusive Processes
12h00 12h25 T. N. Pham (Ecole Polytechnique) 2 photon decay of pseudoscalar quarkonia

12h30 14h00

Session: New Developments in Strong Interactions Chair: D. Blaschke 

14h00 14h25 H. Sazdjian (IPN Orsay) Integral Equation for Gauge Invariant Quark Green's Function
14h30 14h55 C. Duhr (UCL) Twistor Inspired Techniques in QCD
15h00 15h25 G. Wolschin (Heidelberg) Diffusion and particle production in relativistic systems
15h30 15h55 G. Ripka (CEA) Improved Pion-Nucleon Interaction in Nuclear Structure Models



Session: Jets and Heavy-Ion Collisions at the LHC Chair: J.-R. Cudell 

16h45 17h10 D. Antonov (Heidelberg) Jet quenching parameter in the stochastic QCD vacuum
17h15 17h40 S. Peigne (Nantes) Collisional Energy Loss of a Heavy Quark in a QGP
17h45 18h10 D. Kcira (UCL) QCD and Jets Studies at the LHC
18h15 19h00 H. Satz (Bielefeld) The Origin of Thermal Hadron Production


Conference dinner

Saturday March, 8

Session: Exclusive and Forward Physics II
Chair: H. Sazdjian 

08h30 08h55 S. Ovyn (UCL) High Energy gamma-gamma Interactions and Photoproduction at the LHC
09h00 09h25 A. Courtoy (Valencia) Pion - Photon Transition Distribution Amplitudes
09h30 09h40 M. El Beiyad (Ecole Polytechnique) Di-Photon Generalized Distribution Amplitude

9h45 10h15 Coffee

Session: Quarkonium Production
Chair: F. Maltoni 

10h15 10h40 A. Kraan (Pisa) Experimental Aspects of Heavy Quarkonium Production

10h45 11h10 P. Artoisenet (UCL) QCD Corrections to Heavy Quarkonium Production
11h15 11h40 A. Rakotozafindrabe (CEA) PT Dependence of J/Psi Shadowing Effect in dAu Collisions
D. Prorok (Wroclaw) J/Psi absorption in a multicomponent hadron gas
12h15 12h40 J.-P. Lansberg (Heidelberg) Possible solution of the J/Psi Production Puzzle

12h45 13h45

13h45 16h00 Participants: Round Table on quarkonia at the LHC

Artoisenet, Blaschke, Cudell, Cugnon, d'Enterria, Kraan, Lansberg, Maltoni, Peigne, Prorok, Rakotozafindrabe